The New Health Bioeconomy: R&D Policy and Innovation for the Twenty-First Century Hardcover

by James Mittra (Author)

This book provides original insights into how “new biology” and “translational” policies to drive a health bioeconomy are reshaping innovation ecosystems, and disrupting R&D practices, institutional and professional boundaries, and notions of “value” in healthcare. Drawing on rich empirical data, the author argues for a definition of value beyond the economic to better understand these transformative changes and reflect on the bioeconomy’s future.



“The ‘new biology’ that Mittra writes about will impact all our lives in multiple ways. He provides an original and convincing analysis of the complex organizational and institutional architecture emerging around the science and technology, and provides a fascinating and useful conceptual apparatus to help us think about how we should value new products and processes. I highly recommend The New Health Bioeconomy for all students, academics, researchers, and policy thinkers, whose worlds are being changed by this new science and technology.” – Joanna Chataway, Director, Innovation, Health and Science Group, RAND Europe, and Professor of Biotechnology and Development, Open University, UK

“Today we are in the midst of a turbulent period in the transformation of the way health benefits are delivered through targeted science. Mittra does a great service in this book. He reconceptualises the health bioeconomy, drawing on considerable empirical analysis and emphasising the quintessential interdisciplinarity of the area, as well as how society is redefining value. All those engaged in this field should read The New Health Bioeconomy – it contains significant wisdom and points a way forward that promises tangible benefit to humankind, as well as economic success.” – Iain Gillespie, Professor, Innogen Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK, and former Head of the Biotechnology Division, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

“This is an important, provocative and exciting book. Built on rigorous and innovative research, it challenges conventional wisdom and raises fundamental questions about how the new biology-based research is transforming healthcare, the economy, and society as a whole. ” – Luigi Orsenigo, Professor of Applied Economics, Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia, Italy

About the Author

James Mittra is a Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Innogen Institute, based within Science, Technology and Innovation Studies at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He is an interdisciplinary researcher who has published widely on the bioeconomy.


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